How to Spoil Your Pets

Isn't it fun to spoil your pets and hear their soft purr or see their fluffy tails wagging? From owning pets and hearing ideas from other people, I've learned a lot of great ideas to spoil the pets that bring us so much joy and entertainment:

  • Get your dog little boots to keep his or her paws warm on those chilly winter nights.
  • Sing your pet a little lullaby. If they aren't howling or complaining, sing till your heart's content!
  • Brush your pet often, especially if they shed. Many pets love the attention and it prevents hairballs in cats and keeps dogs comfortable and looking debonair.
  • Give them plenty of treats but be careful in feeding human food to your pets. Foods like chocolate and onions can be poisonous and many plants are toxic to cats.
  • Give them their own warm cozy chair or blanket or they'll just take over yours anyway.
  • Give your cat Catsip milk (it's easier on their digestive system than cow milk)
  • Take your dog with you through the drive thru. They love the attention from the employees and you might find a place that will actually give your dog a little something.
  • Give your kitty a box to play in or just don't kick them out when they try to jump in any open box lying around the house.
  • Play with them lots. There's no better toy for your furry friend than you.
  • Get your cat or dog a pet drinking fountain. They'll love the fresh running water.
  • Put a window bench near the window or sometimes leave the curtains open on a low window so Fido or Fluffy can stare out the window and hear how cute they are from your neighbors.
  • Give them little pet massages until their heart is content.
  • Dampen and squeeze a wash cloth with warm water and wipe their head and ears with it to comfort them, especially when you're doing something they're not particularly fond of like maybe bathing.
  • Regular vet care and dental care.
  • Give your kitty a little bit of Tuna. They'll go crazy begging when they smell it
  • Take your dog to Mounds or another pet store that will let you bring your dog in. Let them sniff out all the toys and have fun wandering around like a kid in a candy store.
  • Put birdfeeders near the windows to amuse cats.
  • Take your dog to the doggie park or go on lots of walks outside.
  • Let your kitty out into a screened in porch or sunroom if you have one or a room with lots of windows. They love exploring and enjoying all the sunlight. It's great for the indoor cat.
  • Tell them everyday you love them. I really think they understand.

Feel free to leave a comment and share all the ways you spoil your furry friends, so we can all get even more ideas for pampering our pets :)


  1. Wonderful!
    I tell my two rescue house rabbits every day how much I love them!
    I let them chew anything at rabbit level - I just love that nibbled, frayed look anyway :)
    (all my electrical cords are protected in hard plastic sleeves! and out of their way)

  2. Very smart Annette! :0) When I had a rabbit I had to unplug a cord quickly, because when we let her out of the cage to run around she went behind the recliner and tried to chew on it.


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